Street Art Detour for Schools

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Hello to teachers, parents and visitors. Welcome to the Street Art Detour for schools web page. 


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London Detours provide unique walking tours that take you into the heart of the Capital, uncovering the special places that can be found inbetween the landmarks of the great city. We show you the creative people, the creative London, delving into the history of the areas that now showcase Street Art, hidden gems, creative businesses, regeneration and community.

This year, we are proud to introduce a new, imaginative Street Art walking tour tailoured to address the Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 Art & Design syllabus. The Street Art Detour is truly an interactive way to engage children in Art & Design.

Street Art has hit the capital with colour and vibrancy, making it a hotbed for artists from all over the world to take to walls to express their emotions and opinions.

Street Art isn’t just spray paint and stencils. For years, the creative scene of graffiti has evolved. The use of materials including mosaic, wood, concrete, clay, stickers and string – inspiring the minds of passers by and the local community.

The Curriculum


  • The Street Art Detour encourages the group to observe a variety of different Art in first hand experience, to explore individual imagination and ideas.
  • Within the tour we share group discussions to encourage debate, reviewing of artwork and personal opinions to explore the ideas behind the art and creativity.
  • On the tour we explore all elements of Street Art including materials and techniques used, the inspiration of the artists and discussion of the use of colour, texture, tone, shape, pattern and space.
  • We delve into the use of materials and processes, we discuss not only the use of materials but why the materials, design and crafts impact the area and the community.
  • The Street Art Detour explores a variety of different artists from different backgrounds and cultures, and discuss their techniques; from graffiti, fine art, stencil art, sculpture, graphic design and Street Art.
  • The experience doesn’t end at the end of the tour – we encourage the group to engage in future practical work that inspires creativity and imagination that impacts them as individuals and the environment around them.
  • We investigate a numerous amount of different artists within different parts of the community, including shop shutters, side streets, markets and galleries. We will discuss the impact and effect that Street Art has on the local community by interacting and exploring the local area.

The Street Art Detour is catered for students of all ages; from Primary and Secondary Schools to Sixth Forms and Colleges.

Times and priceswestminster6

£150.00 (Max. group size 35)

Times: 9:30 – 12:00 | 12:30 – 15:00

What others have said

“The children absolutely loved it and said it was cool! They are fired up and their minds are now ticking away…” Mrs. Moss, Primary School Teacher, Greenwich.

“This is so much more interesting than Van Gogh!” – James, 11 Years Old, London.

“Such an interesting day, the kids learnt loads and so did the teachers” – Mr. McGowan, Primary School Teacher, Tower Hamlets.

“The Street Art Detour is a modern and exciting way to help teachers deliver key art and design skills. Pupils enjoy engaging with modern art in a fun and informative way. A fantastic learning opportunity outside of the classroom” – James Searjeant, Deputy Head Teacher, New Cross.

The area we cover…

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