“The guides knowledge and enthusiasm for London and it’s famous and not so famous landmarks and points of interest is infectious and I saw the city I live and work in through very different eyes on the Detour. I would definitely recommend going on a Detour and am going to book another one soon. It was lovely walking through the streets of London at our own pace and popping into places as the fancy took us for a closer look. It was not like being on a ‘route march’ tour as some can be, Joe answered all of our questions and even took us on a little detour (no pun intended!) to show us something which related to a question one of the other members of the group had asked.” Linda Clegg, London

“From the moment the tour started, I was completely engaged and entertained.” Ellen McCabe, London

“Such a fun tour, filled with interesting facts, lots of amazing sights & an awesome tour-guide.” Danii Fischer, Sydney

“A great insight into London’s street art, which to most would be perceived as “graffiti” however the further we progressed into the tour the back ground stories of the artists emerged and the knowledge from the tour guide poured out making us almost believe we were in one of the great museums of the world and these “paintings” we from famous ancient artists.” Cameron Burge, Sydney

“We have been on several guided tours of the Capital and London Detours stood out by miles. The guide was friendly, entertaining and very knowledgeable. We were introduced to big name artists, the underground history of street art, small alleys and miniature london”.  Mrs Sparkey, London

“The guide led us inside the history of this city, in particular, the parts often less visited by tourists, and the guide knew a lot about all the street art and their artists, adding some interesting anecdotes…we discovered also that street art is not only paint or spray but it could be vegetables, tiles and even chewing gum, you have just to find these around the city!!!!” Alice Costantini, Venice

“I was constantly taking notes so that I could venture out on my own and revisit some of the fasciniating things I saw such as Ye Old Chesire Cheese or Leadenhall Market. Most of the tour was spent off the main streets in the old London maze of cobblestome alleyways. I have a new found love of London and my time there will never be the same”. Chris Burton, Texas

“Some of the highlights included- holding a $1 Million bar of solid gold in our hands, tea tasting at the Queen’s favorite purveyor, an incredible “secret” view of the city, Britain’s smallest sculpture quiz, and a crash course in Cockney language! I can’t recommend London Detours enough…. We loved this tour and our tour guide!!!”  Tim Hall, Baltimore