Why choose London Detours?

We have a well known phrase in the Capital called ‘The London Walk’. Most Cities around the world have there own version. It involves people walking very fast in a straight line, with their heads facing the ground and not looking where they are going. The ‘walk’ can be found on the tube, in shops, crossing the road, in rush hour, going down escalators and any other place which involves walking somewhere! Basically everywhere!

London Detours takes a different approach to how the Capital should be seen. We take groups of locals, visitors and tourists around London and encourage them to look up, look down and look around, and that’s usually when you find something you never knew was there.

We call it the ‘Detour Frequency’.

Our walking tours take you into the heart of London, uncovering the special places that can be found in between the landmarks of this great Capital. We show you the creative people, the creative London. Delving into the history of the areas that now showcase Street Art, Hidden Gems, Creative Businesses, Regeneration and Community.

So, take your time, have a look around our amazing website, see what we have to offer and then get in touch.

Come use the ‘Detour Frequency’ and discover a London that you never knew existed.

Latest  news

Time OutLondon Detours are in TimeOut’s 101 Favourite Things to do in London Voted by the People.



#SBS WinnerIn September 2012, London Detours became a #SBS Winners and now joins a unique group of businesses who have been recognised by Theo Pathitis of Dragons’ Den as a small business worth watching.

 See London Detours on Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday.



This summer Joe Morris of London Detours raised £1,852 for The Rob Knox Foundation by leading a 24 Hour guided walking tour of the Capital. Joe started in East London and worked his way around Southwark, The City and Westminster. By the end he was tired with sore feet but he wasn’t put off, he was quoted to of said at the end, “Bring on the 48 Hour Tour!”

 Visit London Detours on The Rob Knox Foundation.